About Us

Fresh Knowledge works with both the business and education sector to raise awareness of many issues including alcohol and drug abuse. Focusing on prevention through presentations, workshops, policy development plus offering advice and support on a wide range of issues that affect personal performance, productivity and wellbeing.

Our approach is to assess and then provide for the needs of our clients. We give guidance on how to forestall problems developing, identifying key signs of abuse and outlining the first steps towards prevention and control. We also undertake personal assistance and guidance for individuals who have developed alcohol and drug related problems.

We work closely with schools and youth organisations to ensure that today’s young people are better equipped to understand the dangers of abusing alcohol and drugs. We also operate workshops on techniques to improve memory skills for revision and study purposes; how to cope with the stress of exams; highlighting and addressing the many issues that arise from a variety of eating disorders; preparing students leaving to go to university; educating about all aspects of sexuality; personal safety including internet safety and cyber bullying plus educating students on the importance of self worth.

All workshops and presentations are tailor made to the specific needs of each client and are therefore suitable for professionals, children and young people and the wider community.

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