Alcohol Abuse

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  • Tailored workshops on alcohol and drug abuse
  • Assesing specific cases

More than half a million people turn up to the office in the UK with a hangover each day, and 1 in 10 come into the office suffering from the effect of too much alcohol at least twice a week. A staggering 46 per cent of UK companies have experienced problems of alcohol misuse amongst employees in the workplace.

Alcohol can cause poor mental and physical health, family and personal problems, financial implications, anxiety, stress and low self esteem, and can increase work related accidents for both the drinker and their colleagues. Even if it is not an obvious problem, alcohol abuse may be affecting the efficiency of your company, as well as costing time and money.

Alcohol in the workplace can have many implications for an employer, ranging from higher insurance and the risk of accidents, to performance and productivity loss and increased recruitment costs.

Fresh Knowledge will assess and provide for the needs of each individual client, establishing whether a problem needs to be addressed or preventative action is required.

All staff need to attend a workshop on alcohol and drug abuse for any company policy to be effective.

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