Education Sector

Education Sector
  • Effective P.S.H.E. programme
  • Students are actively involved in demonstrations and discussions

Fresh Knowledge has an established reputation within the educational sector for producing and facilitating workshops and lectures on a wide range of topics, educating and advising young students from year seven upwards.

Fresh Knowledge is equipped to provide students with a solid understanding of the dangers and repercussions of alcohol and drug abuse. Additional areas of expertise include techniques to improve memory skills for revision and study purposes; how to cope with the stress of exams; highlighting and addressing the many issues that arise from a variety of eating disorders; preparing students leaving to go to university; educating about all aspects of sexuality; personal safety including internet safety and cyber bullying and educating students on the importance of self worth.

These presentations can be done in small groups of 30 or less, where the students are actively involved in demonstrations and discussions, or it can be facilitated on a lecture style basis for larger groups. All presentations are tailor made to the individual requirements of the school or youth organisations, taking into account the age of the students, size of group and time available.

Fresh Knowledge can help schools provide a constructive and effective P.S.H.E. programme.

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