Alcohol and Drug Misuse in the Work Place

Alcohol and  Drug MisuseThe Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Research shows that alcohol and drug misuse are a contributory factor in 26% of the workplace accidents that costs the UK economy over £4 billion per annum.

This has got me wondering why companies are not taking this problem more seriously. In my professional capacity as an Alcohol and Drug Counsellor and Corporate Consultant I have consulted with many companies who have in all fairness to them provided Alcohol and Drug Policies to their employees. This however, as I have explained to them, is just getting their employees to sign a document, it is not enough to protect themselves against possible liability and also staff require training to understand the full effects of alcohol and drug misuse prevention to fully understand the document they are signing in the first place.

I find it hard to understand why management so readily accept their staff coming into work hung-over from the effects of Alcohol and Drugs and readily put up with lost productivity and poor decision making.

With so many new ‘designer’ drugs and legal highs coming into the market place, both employees and employers can no longer be in a position to think this situation is manageable, it can only get worse. It is only a matter of time before a bad decision is made that will cost your company a lot of money, or someone will fall down the stairs while still under the influence, or any other possibilities which could be avoided from awareness of alcohol and drug misuse.

It is vital for all organisations, whatever the size to start to properly address the situation with their workforce. I don’t even want to go into the endless problems of Company Christmas parties as I think that is best left to nearer the festive season; however across the year approximately four out of 10 employees say that alcohol and drug misuse is a significant cause of worker absenteeism.

So do you need to ask yourself, what effect is Alcohol and Drug misuse having on your Company?

Alcohol and Drug Misuse

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