Alcohol and Peer Pressure

A few weeks ago a nine year old girl became the youngest victim of the latest drinking craze NekNomination.  Encouraged by her two friends also nine, to drink cocktails of vodka and whisky, she ended up in hospital on a drip and having her stomach pumped out.

Underage drinking is a major problem because of peer pressure.  However, how many of us as adults go for those drinks after work, or have an extra drink or two with our mates in the bars because of peer pressure or is it because we really want to?  If we are really honest with ourselves, how many of us should of and even in some cases wanted to leave two drinks ago……

Peer pressure and alcohol often go hand in hand.  I have heard many times when someone has requested a soft drink being encouraged to change their choice to alcohol, or when someone has said they are going home being encouraged to stay and continue drinking…. alcohol always seems to need a companion or two. Why can’t we let people just be happy with their choice?  Because it is for the alcohol drinkers benefit.

I am certainly not saying don’t drink alcohol, but have it because it is what YOU want, not what others want you to have.  Almost one in five men feel under pressure to drink more than they would like to at work social events because it is expected of them to help build relationships and close deals (sorry have no stats. for women), again pressure with alcohol.

For all you drinkers out there (myself included) give yourself a little test this week. List all your alcohol drinks then work out if you really wanted every single one of them. Did peer pressure get to you?

If we are to help the youth of today to handle alcohol we have to show them an example, especially within a working environment, that it is not mandatory to be a drinker to be a team player.

Let’s just remember, like those that have been caught up in NekNomination with life threatening consequences (and there has been far too many), everyone has the right to say no!

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