Helpful Hints for Avoiding that Hangover, Successful Drinking and Keeping Safe (Part 2)


An alarming new AA survey reveals this week that millions of motorists admit to driving “the next morning” after a night of heavy drinking, even when they think they may well be over the legal limit.  So they are happy to risk their lives and that of complete strangers in order not to be inconvenienced, (i.e. get a cab, use public transport, walk) so that they can get to their chosen destination by their original mode of transport – their car.

The motoring group also showed that many turned to “urban myths” to try and sober themselves up;  which brings me nicely to the second part of my Helpful Hints (Part 2)

1.   During the day our body makes less enzymes which are able to break down alcohol – which is why lunch time drinking has more effect on us than if we drink in the evening.


2.   The reason why we feel better from eating fatty fried cooked breakfasts after a night of heavy drinking is because alcohol lowers the body’s production of anti-inflammatory hormones, which can result in inflammation of the brain as well as shutting down the production of protective mucous in the stomach lining.  The fat in a cooked breakfast  reduces this by coating the stomach and stopping it getting sore.

3.   Drink a glass of Orange Juice as Vitamin C speeds up the metabolism of alcohol by the liver.  The sooner alcohol is flushed through your body the quicker your symptoms from a hangover will disappear.

4.   Never mix a high energy caffeine based drink with alcohol.  Vital electrolytes are excreted from the body with urine when drinking alcohol, which help keep the heart beating regularly.  Mixing alcohol and large amounts of caffeine can cause heart palpitations, strokes and even in some cases can put people into a coma.

5.   If you are feeling sluggish and tired the next day (even though you may of had a very late night) alcohol lowers your blood sugar levels as glucose is excreted in the urine.  As glucose gives you energy, the best thing to do is to get some sparkling glucose inside you or some glucose tablets which will do the same job.

I hope this has been useful to you.   Sensible drinking, keep safe.

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