Is Anxiety and Stress our new form of Communication?

“The internet is a lawless jungle that will soon be too dangerous for children to use” warned the Managing Director of Beat Bullying.

I agree.  Although the Internet is a modern wonder of the world as far as technology goes  there is a dark, vicious side to it that has allowed certain types of people to manipulate it in order to attack their prey.  The term most frequently used is bullying, but I don’t think that really covers the harm that can be inflicted on innocent people by setting off  long and short term mental and physical disorders among other things, using the wonders of cyberspace to be cruel.  They are cowards because they know they are protecting themselves by a cloak of darkness. They can cover their tracks in most cases without their  victims knowing who they are.

A new type of bully has arisen “The Troll”.  A person who gets pleasure writing on social media, being aggressive and vindictive to someone, usually they have never met.  The abusive twittering can come about simply because they do not like the tattoo on someone’s arm, or take offensive because the target eats meat!  Contrary to popular belief it is actually men who are targeted more than woman on twitter regarding negative and derogatory tweets, so both genders are very much in the firing line.

But what type of society has the internet turned some of us out there in to, where by pressing a few keys someone’s self esteem can be shot to pieces, long term anxiety and stress can start to manifest, even self harm and suicide can be activated.  Why because there is no safe haven, for anyone using a mobile phone, email, social networking.. you can be a target 24 hours a day, 7 days a week wherever we are, the possibility to cause endless misery for children and adults alike.

Now I am not trying to scare you out there, I am trying to get you to think.  Think about your own safety.  Think about what you post about others, is it going to attack someone’s self confidence even if it is in jest.  I didn’t mean it really doesn’t cut it when you have reduced someone to feeling lousy about themselves and knocked all their confidence for that important interview.  A warning to all you parents.  There are some really vicious 11-15 years olds out there making life hell for their peers, make sure it’s not your kids doing it.

The ability for someone to feel good about themselves and have confidence and courage to reach out for what they feel is theirs can be shattered in seconds by persecution.  I have seen too many young people being cut off at the knees by the so called playground bullies moving onto the internet as their new playground and causing psychological damage for many years to come just for their own pleasure.

It is up to all of us to tame this animal to make sure it is for the good of all and that the internet continues to advance communication for the better, so that its fangs do not come out and eat up the weak and cause endless mental health issues inflicted by those that get pleasure out of pursuing the vulnerable.

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