You Pay Your Money You Get The Drug Or Do You?

Fake bags, clothes, cosmetics, watches, jewellery etc. are all part of a huge growing trade in counterfeit products that are bought on-line.  Now fake pills have become part of this industry with the people selling them having complete disregard for the traumas and fatalities their products may cause, knowing their drugs are often loaded with dangerous substitutions to what has been guaranteed on the packaging.

These dealers have the experience of knowing their consumers in virtually every case will never bother checking that the products they have ordered are what they say they are and further more believe they are immune to prosecution as they have to be found and caught first and their identity and location is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Recently in America, an emergency room doctor ordered online a weight loss pill because it was so much cheaper than buying it in the shops.  Although when it arrived it looked identical to the real thing; a blue capsule; it was filled with a drug that had been banned because it had been linked to heart attacks and strokes.  He took this drug in good faith until he almost died!

According to the World Health Organisation about half of the drugs sold on illegal websites that conceal their location are counterfeit and up to 10% of the global pharmaceutical market is bogus.  Drug makers Pfizer say its pills are faked in at least 107 countries.  What an incredibly scary thought.

The anonymity of the internet has allowed people to set up and shut down in a blink of an eye, allowing them to make a quick buck and then disappear if trouble arrives, but in the meantime leaving behind a trail of disaster and misery, be it the designer watch that stops working, to the more serious casualties of severe infection/blindness in the eye from buying what one thought was expensive mascara at a very cheap price.

Counterfeit buying is no longer about the Chanel handbag or the Armani suits.  The drug needy consumers are also being targeted.  The people who can’t sleep, the people who want to lose weight, the people who want better sex, the people who want a quick high…  you can join this game as there must be a pill that can be counterfeited.

So those that choose to play this game, to roll the dice with their bodies because what they want is too expensive to buy in the shops or their doctor is not willing to write that prescription for them, think very carefully before start surfing the web and turn a blind eye to the possible consequences that may occur.  Don’t be a fool to believe that everything is going to be fine and that you will be the lucky one and that nothing to going to happen to you…. are those pills really going to be the real thing….. because what if they are not?

If you really do need that pill, go down the honest route; stop trying to save your money and get peace of mind.  It may well save your life or certainly keep a few of your organs intact!

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