Who Needs the Education the Adults or the Young?

There is much talk these days of the difficulties for the youth of today, however, according to the 10th Annual Global Drugs Survey, which is the most extensive international drugs survey undertaken, polling around 80,000 people from around 17 countries, tracking patterns in drugs, they found Britain to have the most reckless youth in the world, with 1/3 of Britain’s young people admitting to taking a “mystery white powder”.

This figure doubled to 10% for the UK. and was the highest of any country that took place in the survey. Britain also managed to hold first place for the proportion of us who have bought drugs online – around 22% – compared with an international average of 11%.
We can rejoice in losing our first place when it comes to turning up at work with a hangover, but let’s not get too excited as we only drop to joint second with Hungary. The honour of this award goes to the Irish.

Finally, Britain managed to keep second pole position for the proportion of people admitting to working while coming down from the effects of drugs – over 20% – just behind the Dutch who took this title with 25%.
What a lot of useless facts and figures you may think, but what is it saying about us as a nation? How are we as adults setting examples and standards, especially to the young work force coming into our organisations and companies? These statistics show we clearly are not.

There were reports last week of binge drinking becoming less frequent with the proportion of young people who are refraining from drinking alcohol rising, due it is thought in part to the increased cost of alcohol in drinking establishments and less aggressive selling in supermarkets. . Therefore there is hope that some progress regarding alcohol abuse has been made, although there is still a very long way to go.

With this in mind, and after reading the Annual Drugs Survey Report it seems that the ones that need some education are the adults. It can’t just be a question of “Don’t do as I do, Do as I say”; One has to lead by example.
The older generation have to take a long hard look at the messages they are sending out to the younger generation before they start complaining about the youth of today.  After all they are our future and if the survey is anything to go by we have to ask ourselves “What lessons are we teaching them?”.

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